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Your home is more than just a place to live, and even more so, a custom-built home is a direct representation of your personality, values, taste, and lifestyle. From the exterior, your home’s architectural style can speak volumes, setting the tone for everything inside. The architecture you choose is also a vital component of overall curb appeal and an essential decision to make when you’re designing a custom home. So, what does your home’s architectural style say about you? Let’s find out.

Choosing an Architectural Style that Resonates with You

No two homes are identical, just like no two households are exactly alike. When you’re in the process of conceptualizing, planning, and designing your dream home, it’s crucial to make choices based on your tastes, sense of style, and personality. Here’s what different home architectural styles say about the households who live in them:


Traditional homes like Colonials, Victorians, and Georgians are associated with a timeless kind of elegance and a deep appreciation for life’s finer aspects. These homes are defined by classic charm and often appeal to family-oriented individuals who value history, tradition, and heritage. Many folks choose these types of classic designs because they are just that—time-honored and sure to endure despite fads and trends.


Are you a lover of clean lines, minimal fuss, and high visual impact? Modern architectural styles, like the interior and exterior forms found in mid-century modern design, exude a sense of forward-thinking and clean aesthetics. Functionality takes precedence, with open floor plans and an abundance of natural light. 


Sometimes confused with each other, modern doesn’t necessarily mean contemporary. A contemporary architectural style combines the latest trends in design with the newest advances in technology. Whereas a home from the 1940s-60s could still express modern style, contemporary design refers to the here-and-now and often seeks to connect the interior to the exterior of the home with large windows and clean lines. Someone looking for a contemporary home enjoys the simplicity, cleanliness, and spaciousness this type of style promotes.


A part of the contemporary style, sustainable design focuses on eco-friendly elements in the actual building or during construction. Solar panels, green roofs, and recycled or repurposed materials are at the forefront of sustainable design. Homeowners who are conscientious about the environment and their impact on it will focus on incorporating sustainable elements into their custom home.


Cozy, rustic styles like farmhouses, cabins, and cottages tend to attract people who love nature and the great outdoors. These homeowners are often easygoing and laid-back, drawn to the warmth, coziness, and unpretentious atmosphere of rustic styles. 


Some people’s tastes fit neatly into a single architectural style, and some people like to live outside the proverbial box. Eclectic architecture combines various elements, often reflecting a more creative and individualistic homeowner. If you love experimenting with different design elements and are aiming for a wholly unique statement home, eclectic styles may be just the ticket. 

Aligning Your Personal Style and Your Lifestyle

What you love and how you live aren’t always one and the same. When you’re looking for the perfect architectural style for your dream home, it’s vital that your vision aligns with your lifestyle, your budget, and your location.

Think about the life you want to lead in your new home. When you picture that future, do you envision a social hub where you entertain lots of guests or a cozy sanctuary away from the outside world? You will also want to consider your family size, plans for growth, and any accessibility requirements. Let your lifestyle guide your choice to ensure you’re happy with not only how your home looks but also how it feels. 

Your budget is a major consideration as well. Different styles come with different price tags, and you want to ensure you have ample room to finance life in your new home. Choose a designer that can help you choose the materials that not only compliment your design preferences but also each other. 

Last but not least, depending on your neighborhood, you may need to ensure your chosen architectural style complements its surroundings. For example, an ultra-modern masterpiece may look a bit out of place in a historic neighborhood full of ornate Victorians, and vice versa. In addition, some communities have certain design regulations you may need to consider. An experienced custom home designer will be able to help you navigate your choices. 

Making the Choice of a Lifetime: Designing Your Dream Home

Before making a final decision, explore all your options. Peruse magazines, visit open houses, and talk to experts. The more you know, the more equipped you are to make an informed decision.

Ultimately, your home’s architectural style should be a reflection of your personality but also a space where you feel comfortable, happy, and at ease. Your home is your sanctuary, and it should resonate with your authentic self. 

Whether you’re planning to build a custom home from the ground up or are renovating an existing home, JFK Design Build can help you make the right moves. Contact the experts at JFK Design Build to learn more about turning your dream home into a stunningly designed reality.