Breath Easy In This Healthy Home

We take immense pride in crafting homes that prioritize the needs of each client. This Caledonia home was built with both health and long-term needs in mind. Nearly every aspect of the construction process was considered due to the client’s extreme health sensitivities. From basic building materials such as caulk to wood stains and flooring, the products used were meticulously chosen to ensure their dream home successfully became a long-awaited safe haven. 

Sitting on 15 acres, with three spacious bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and a three-car garage, this 3,433 sq. ft. home is the epitome of modern luxury combined with thoughtful design. This perfect blend of form and function focuses on aging in place to ensure that the home would be accessible and comfortable for years to come.

Healthy Home Feature Highlights

Our team at JFK Design Build worked with Green Design Center to ensure the home not only looked great but incorporated as many healthy materials throughout the home as possible. The most notable room in the home to highlight is the kitchen. Health-conscious materials used here are quartz countertops, which don’t off-gas, and custom cabinets made from low-emitting woods with toxin-free finishes. We even included a backsplash made of porcelain and stainless steel, which are also clean materials.

Throughout the home, you’ll find cork floors, which are waterproof, resistant to mold, and antimicrobial. It also does not off-gas or shed microfibers, which can negatively affect indoor air quality. The only carpet found in the home is located in the man cave above the garage and is made of chemical-free wool. To help prevent any future musty basement smell, the lower level rafters were sprayed with Caliwel, a zero-VOC coating with mold-killing and repellent abilities. The use of toxin-free AFM Safecoat adhesives, paint, stains, and more was utilized to ensure our client can enjoy a healthy living space. 

Material choices beyond what you can see are just as important in a healthy home. This home features formaldehyde-free insulation, a SolaceAir Purification system, and Aqua Sauna Water System purifier; all of which work together to provide the maximum level of quality air and water in their living space. Plus, two separate HVAC systems were installed: one for during the construction process, and another fresh unit when it was time for the client to move into this beautiful new house!

Green Home Vs. Healthy Home Defined by its efficient use of energy, sustainable, and locally sourced materials, a Green Home is measurable in metrics such as Energy Star ratings and volatile organic compound (VOC) levels. On the other hand, a Healthy Home is much more personalized to the client’s needs and concerns. While there is no metric for what makes a home healthy, the focus is on creating a living environment that is safe and comfortable for the individual. 

With customization and personalization, a Healthy Home can cater to specific needs, such as allergen-free materials, reduced chemical off-gassing, low electromagnetic radiation, or the avoidance of future mold exposures. Ultimately, whether you prioritize energy efficiency or personalized health factors, both Green and Healthy Homes offer unique benefits for homeowners looking for a more sustainable and comfortable living space.

Green Design Center & Healthy Home Living

Since its establishment in 1993, Green Design Center has been at the forefront of environmentalism in the construction industry. Founded by Andrew Pace, a healthy home consultant with a passion for sustainable and human-healthy design, this center is dedicated to providing toxin-free building materials to clients across the globe. With a focus on creating healthier living environments, their offerings have quickly become a necessity for those seeking to live free from harmful chemicals. Over the years, Green Design Center has worked with 35,000 clients, each benefiting from innovative design and a healthy living approach.

When it comes to building a healthy home, it’s important to remember that it’s not an all-or-nothing approach. While 90% of toxins come from the things we see and touch on a daily basis, such as flooring, wall finishes, cabinetry, and woodwork, as well as furnishings like window treatments, it’s not solely about using healthier materials. It also involves incorporating the right systems that clean the air and bring in natural sunlight. 

A common misconception about healthy homes is that they have an odd appearance, but they can look just like any other award-winning home on the market. Another misconception is that building a healthy home is a costly endeavor. However, it’s not any different from building a typical high-quality home. In the end, it’s all about creating a living space that promotes a healthy and happy lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

Building a healthy home has many benefits that can improve your quality of life. By creating a sanctuary within your home, you can ensure that it is a healing space for your body, mind, and soul. Getting 6-8 hours of restorative sleep is crucial to your overall health and well-being, and toxins, mold, or magnetic fields can prevent that. By avoiding these harmful elements, you can ensure that your home promotes and supports your physical and mental health. In the long run, choosing to build a healthy home can provide a generally healthier living environment, reducing the likelihood of illnesses and improving overall health. Making small changes to make your home healthier can have a significant impact on you and your family’s well-being.

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