We just talked about the sub flooring we use in our homes, now let’s talk about what that flooring sits on:

I-joist beams are below the sub floor. We use Roseburg RFPI® LVL Flange floor I-joists in all our homes because they will not warp, twist or shrink and are highly engineered for straightness and uniformity providing a stiffer and more uniform floor with no squeaks, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Roseburg floor I-joists are the right choice for JFK Design build because we want to provide our clients with the highest quality flooring system. They provide consistent performance for the most demanding of residential applications.

Because they are manufactured to the industry’s highest standards Roseburg floor joists are level and strong meaning your finished flooring looks and performs amazingly with NO SQUEAKS!

These I-joists are also excellent for building more modern and open floor plans.

They come with a Product and Performance warranty and they are environmentally mindful and inherently green using raw materials more efficiently.

We are proud to partner with Zuern Building Products and Roseburg I-Joist!

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