There is a big difference in the quality of the products JFK Design Build uses to build a home, especially the products you can’t see. Luxury you can see is beautiful, but luxury you can’t see is

Subflooring is a critical part of your home as it is arguably one of the most used areas in your home. The strength and lack of sound your subfloor makes is a big difference in the finished quality of the final flooring. The perception of quality goes way down when you walk through a beautiful luxury custom home only to hear squeaking and a bouncy feeling on the floor.

Building in Wisconsin can be tricky, from snow and cold to long raining spring and fall weather.

Subflooring is installed early in the building process and must maintain its integrity throughout whatever Mother Nature will throw at it so it can perform at its highest level for years after the home’s completion. This is why I only use ADVANTECH SUBFLOORING.

Advantech Subflooring

Advantech’s flooring panels have been voted #1 in Quality for over 10 years and are backed by the industry’s only Squeak-Free Guarantee! Because Advantech uses a high-density engineered wood it gives its flooring industry-leading strength and stiffness. It is precisely engineered to produce superior performance in subflooring and their moisture resistant resin technology ensures that no moisture compromises the strength or integrity of the subfloor. Advantech also backs their product with a lifetime warranty that transfers between homeowners, I love this!
They are also recognized as Best-in-Class for this product.

I have zero worries about swelling, cupping or delamination after installation, this is the sub-floor you and your family can trust. JFK Design-Build pays attention to every detail and only uses the highest quality products in the building industry.

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