When designing your custom home, in addition to your builder needing to be accomplished and well versed in many different construction applications you also need an architect who can understand your vision and put it on paper. We believe each architect displays their own style and specialty in their designs. Our goal is to match you with the architect that best understands what you want and can create your vision.

We have worked with many local architects and understand their specialties as well as know their personalities. We will start by choosing 3 who we think are a good fit for your vision and your personality. We will introduce you to and help you interview them so you can find the best fit for your dream home. https://www.great-answer.com/

To help you in preparing for interviewing architects we will guide you through the process of organizing your thoughts and ideas. Helping you to compile all of your custom design ideas from pictures, magazines, or other floorplans. Giving you talking points for when we interview the architects and lastly having a review session after the interviews are complete. There are always more architects to interview beyond the first 3.

Give us a call to start the process of creating your custom home. 262-278-7587