Well, maybe not, at least not for future home builders.

Last week I was nerding out in one of my builder magazines and I came across a rather surprising article:

They are saying that, “the prestigious trend of living on a golf course is losing its appeal!”

I have to be honest up front and say that I was sure surprised when I first read this since living on a golf course has been a premium for what seems like forever!

But things have changed. . . fast paced lifestyles, weekends consumed by kid’s activities and therefore much less of a desire to live in a golf course community.

It makes sense!

As I was reading to myself, I started thinking (or perhaps remembering from personal experience) that hearing “fore” on the golf course can be very stressful. . . but building a new home doesn’t have to be.

I’ve noticed over the years that many people actually have a pretty clear idea of what their dream home looks and feels like. . . they just don’t know where to start in the process.

If you’ve found yourself pondering what to do next, and it feels overwhelming and perhaps stressful, I’d be honored to be your guide!

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Jeff “Gotta Work On My Swing” Burg

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